Grand Seiko 5646-7010

Grand Seiko 5646-7010 with blue dial and faceted crystal.
Here’s another piece from the vintage Grand Seiko collection that I’ve not shot in over a year. This is one of the NOS “full set” pieces I have that is complete with its original box, strap, buckle and all paperwork.
The one question mark re this piece however is the crystal. The seller claimed that this was a Wako limited edition, and hence the faceted crystal. Not entirely sure whether that claim is based on fact, and hard to verify given this is from 1973, but it would be nice if it were!
I needed a shot of this in portrait orientation for a little project I have been working on that will be revealed for Grand Seiko Wednesday tomorrow. See you then… #Seiko #GrandSeiko #グランドセイコー #セイコー #vintage #vintagewatch #seikofam #watchfam #watch #watchphotography


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