Ever since I first started sharing on Instagram my vintage Grand Seiko collection, people have been contacting me to ask where I manage to find these pieces. Naturally as a collector, one of the things you have to consider carefully is sharing with others how and where you acquire your watches. The danger of course being that the more people who know how to buy these, the bigger chance that you will end up bidding against them when the next watch you want turns up!

Grand Seiko 6145-8030
Grand Seiko 6145-8030

Up until recently, I have been reluctant to “spill the beans” on the secrets to acquiring vintage Grand Seikos as I was still building my collection. I sometimes even questioned the sensibility of sharing my watches on Instagram as I bought them. Several people mentioned to me that my Instagram feed may well be responsible for introducing new collectors to this little niche of the watch collecting world – there is no doubt that demand has risen, which has led to the prices being paid for these watches increasing (substantially in some cases) over the course of 2016.

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