Grand Seiko 6185-8021-G VFA

Grand Seiko 6185-8021-G VFA (“Very Fine Adjusted”) When new, the Grand Seiko VFA’s were regulated to -2 to +2 seconds per day, with a guaranteed +/- 1 minute per month accuracy for the first two years of ownership.
6185’s like this one, and its sibling the 6186 (which additionally indicates the day of the week) are very hard to come by in good condition. For some reason, a significant proportion of the surviving pieces have problems with corrosion around the edge of the dial. Of the ones I’ve seen on the open market so far this year, 90%+ have serious issues. In fact, right now on Rakuten you can take your pick of no less than seven 6185/6’s – every single one of which are seriously flawed.

So naturally I was delighted to have been able to pick this one up, and the case is just to die for. More later in the week.



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