Grand Seiko 6156-8020

Grand Seiko 6156-8020


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I’ve mentioned previously that I believe the 6155 and 6156 movement “Specials” are amongst the current best buys in the vintage Grand Seiko range. At the time when they were new, only the VFA’s were regulated more accurately. The “Specials” being regulated to +/- 3 seconds per day.
Interestingly enough, whilst there is just a single model of the date-only 6155, there are no fewer than 8 different models using the day-date 6156 calibre, one of which is the rarely seen 6156-8020 version pictured here, which is the only “Special” to be cased in Cap Gold.

Kari Voutilainen GMT-6 Unique Piece

Voutilainen GMT-6 Unique Piece.


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Property of a gentleman collector.

Since it’s #macromonday, a quick explanation of what macro photography is, and isn’t, and how I use the term. Strictly speaking, a macro photograph is one where the imaging lens resolves the object being photographed on the sensor at a size greater than the object is in real life. Given that most watches have cases in the region of 36-42mm diameter, and the vast, vast majority of photographers are shooting with sensors whose short side is 24mm or less, if you see a photo of a watch where the whole of the case is in the frame, that is not a macro shot. At best, it might be close to a 1:2 magnification – that is, an object 10mm in size in real life will be resolved on the sensor at 5mm in size.
The sensor I use is somewhat larger than most, and is a little over 40mm in size on the short side. This means it is actually ideally sized for shooting watch-sized objects at very close to 1:1 magnification, where an object 10mm in size is resolved to 10mm in size on the sensor.
Almost every single “full frame” image that I post on Instagram, where you see the whole watch as in this example, is within a range of about 1:1.05 to 1:1.3 magnification. And then from those images, I sometimes post detailed crops, such as the post prior to this one. But it’s worth pointing out that, strictly speaking, even those aren’t “true” macro photographs – on the sensor they of course retain the same magnification of the full frame, i.e. in the range of 1:1.05 to 1:1.3 magnification.
Now. When it comes to the print – which is what every single image I shoot is ultimately intended for – things change somewhat radically. Because on that little 54mm by 40mm sensor there are over 100 million pixels, it means I have tremendous scope for producing prints of very high magnification indeed.
Every single full frame image you see in my feed could be printed out at very high quality (by which I mean you could stick your nose up to the print and not see any degradation in resolution) up to around 1.5m by 1.0m in size. Which, for an object that in real life is maybe only 4cm or so in diameter, looks absolutely incredible.

Grand Seiko 6245-9000

Grand Seiko 6245-9000 with cap gold case


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A little over a week ago I posted the 6245-9000 in stainless steel, and here today is its Cap Gold variant, which somewhat confusingly has the same model number.
As with the steel version, this is also manufactured in 1966 (December), and so has the lion emblem case back medallion. For the watches produced in 1967, this was changed to the GS medallion.
Just a quick follow-up to the two auction pieces that I linked to for “On the block”. Congratulations to @vintagewatchvibes for securing the 6246-9001. And as for the 4420-9990? That went for a whopping 426,000 Yen.

If you were the under-bidder on that auction, you might be interested to know that there is another one available for buyout at 390,000 Yen plus 8% sales tax (so 421,200 Yen in total). It has the original buckle too, but I think you will need to budget to replace the crown as I’m not convinced it’s the right one.
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FOR SALE – Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL Dubai Edition. US$6,500

Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL Dubai Edition
Chopard Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL Dubai Edition

From a limited edition of 200 pieces, this is numbered 004.

The watch was a gift, and has never been worn. Includes spare rubber strap.

Condition: As new

Year: 2013

Accessories: Outer box, inner box, manual, chronometer certificate (blank), spare rubber strap

Price: US$6,500 including courier delivery world-wide (discount available for local pick-up in Dubai)

On the block – 22

A weekly series of posts highlighting interesting Grand Seiko watches on the market

This week’s “On the block” features two watches up for auction on Yahoo Japan, and one – very special – watch that is available with a Japanese dealer.

A guide detailing how to purchase these watches from outside Japan can be found here.

Before we get onto this week’s featured watches, just a quick reminder that I do have a few watches from my own collection that I am looking to sell, which you can find details of in the For Sale section of this site.

Grand Seiko 4420-9990
Grand Seiko 4420-9990

First up, on Yahoo Japan, is an auction that is attracting a lot of interest, and understandably so.

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