Grand Seiko SBGE035

Grand Seiko SBGE035. A Wako limited edition of 60 pieces.
I finally got around to doing a focus stack of this watch. It’s a bit tricky with this movement. The problem is when you screw in the crown, it winds the watch! So even if you let it run down to no power and set the watch to 10:10, when you screw the crown back in, the watch has enough juice to run for a couple of hours. And when the watch is running, you can’t do a focus stack. And who wants to see a photo of the watch with the crown pulled out? (Answer – not me!) Anyway. There is a sneaky solution. Who can tell me how this was shot? 🙂 9 image focus stack, focal plane aligned parallel to the watch face, each individual image has only 0.65mm depth of field.

Watch out for the macro Monday detail crops from this one to come tomorrow.


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