On the block – 17

A weekly series of posts highlighting interesting Grand Seiko watches on the market

“On the block” is the section of the website where I share some examples of vintage Grand Seikos currently available on the Japanese market.

I aim to publish a new post in this category each Friday, highlighting a vintage Grand Seiko of interest from each of the three main channels for acquiring these pieces from Japan – Yahoo auctions, Rakuten, and individual dealers’ websites.

Grand Seiko "First" - 3180
Grand Seiko “First” – 3180

Demand for the first vintage Grand Seiko has clearly increased substantially since the Baselworld 2017 release of the re-creations of the original watch as limited editions in platinum, gold, and steel.

Prior to Baselworld, prices for the “3180’s” had been steadily increasing, with good examples of the applied logo dials selling for up to 200,000 Yen.

Since Baselworld though, prices have sky-rocketed. And I don’t think it’s hard to understand why.

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Seiko 8941-5000T

Well, it’s grand (i.e. “big”), and it’s a #Seiko, so I thought… Why not?! If you want to time things to the nearest 1/100th of a second mechanically, you don’t need to spend over $50k on an #FPJourne #Centigraphe. Seiko were solving that problem back in the 1960’s. This particular stopwatch – model number 8941-5000T – hails from April 1963. Developed for use in the 1964 #Tokyo #Olympics, the watch can time events up to 10 minutes in duration. The small central hand marks off the minutes, whilst the small hand above it counts the seconds. The large hand makes one full revolution every 3 seconds, and with the watch tick-tocking away at 360,000 bph (no, that is not a typo!), it can measure time down to 1/100th of a second. The front of the case removed so that I could get a clear view of the dial (how I wish all watches could do this!), and in the background, the Japanese Seiko newsletter from June 1964.


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