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Some may feel it is a little early for a #GSWednesday post, but it’s gone 2am in Tokyo already, so why not get started 🙂 Featured here is almost the entirety of my vintage Grand Seiko collection. I left out the dodgy black dialed 57GS’s, and a rather scrappy 5722 cap gold, which left me with a nice round 60 to share!
After a lot of research, I believe there were 122 distinct models released in the vintage era, so I’m basically half way there now! I’ve come a long way from the original plan which was just to get a single example of each movement that was used. I doubt I’ll ever complete the full set, but as they say – “never say never” 😂
OK. So who can name every single model pictured here? 😉

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State of the collection – the 61GS movements (part 2)

Part 2 of a write up of the vintage Grand Seiko watches in my collection that utilise the 61GS movements.

Since there are over 40 pieces in the collection, it makes sense to break this “state of the collection” write-up over several articles. Each post will cover a specific movement – or set of movements – from the vintage Grand Seiko releases, and include photos of the watches I have that utilise that movement.

Whilst I don’t intend these articles to provide a comprehensive and thoroughly researched scholarly history of vintage Grand Seikos, I will share some knowledge on the pieces that I have picked up over the course of the last year. If I get anything wrong, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Grand Seiko 6155-8000 "Special"
Grand Seiko 6155-8000 “Special”

The 61GS series started production in 1967, running all the way through until 1974.

With seven different movements, there are as many calibers being utilised within this single series as in all earlier series combined. Not only that, but numbering over 40, there are more individual 61GS watch designs than existed across those earlier series (the Grand Seiko First, 57GS, 44GS and 62GS).

Given the extent and diversity of the 61GS series, it is not feasible to discuss all the examples from my own collection in a single post, and as such, I have split the write-up of the 61GS over two separate articles.

A link to the first article – covering the watches in my collection that utilize the 6145A and 6146A movements – can be found here.

In this article, I will be covering the watches in my collection that utilize the remaining 5 movements from the 61GS series – the 6155A, 6156A, 6185A, 6185B and 6186B.

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Grand Seiko 6155-8000 and 6156-8010

No historical Grand Seiko series utilizes more movements than the 61GS. No fewer than 7 different movements were used over the 6 or so years that this series were on sale.
Seen here are the “Specials”. On the left the 6155-8000, and on the right, the 6156-8010. Both of these watches are from 1970. The difference between the two movements is clear from the photo but in addition, this particular variation of the 6156 has a 3-faceted cut glass crystal.
These truly are beautiful watches. The cases in particular are so crisp.
What makes the “Special” special, is that the movements were regulated to an even greater degree of precision than the regular Grand Seiko standard. The “daily rate” was regulated to -3 > +3 seconds per day, whereas the regular Grand Seiko standard was -3 > +5. Astonishingly, these watches were actually rated to be more accurate than the modern 9S calibers.
There were some more finely adjusted Grand Seikos that were regulated to an even greater level of precision than that, and I’ll share images of one of those watches at the weekend. (Surprisingly, these Specials are not so hard to track down. Earlier this month, no fewer than 4 different dealers in Japan all had the 6156-8010 available, although it must be said that none of them were in as great condition as this sample. So if you’re after one, be patient and wait for a good one – you don’t have to panic-buy the first one that comes up for sale!)


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