State of the collection – the 56GS movements

A write up of the vintage Grand Seiko watches in my collection that utilise the 56GS movements.

Since there are over 40 pieces in the collection, it makes sense to break this “state of the collection” write-up over several articles. Each post will cover a specific movement – or set of movements – from the vintage Grand Seiko releases, and include photos of the watches I have that utilise that movement.

Whilst I don’t intend these articles to provide a comprehensive and thoroughly researched scholarly history of vintage Grand Seikos, I will share some knowledge on the pieces that I have picked up over the course of the last year. If I get anything wrong, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Grand Seiko 5645-7005
Grand Seiko 5645-7005

The 56 series of vintage Grand Seiko is second only to the 61GS with regards to the diversity of the watches produced. Whilst utilising only three different movements (there are no “special” or “VFA” examples in this series), there are over 40 variations with differing cases or dials.

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Grand Seiko 5646-5010

So I’m planning a monumental “state of the collection” post for the end of the year, and checking through my archives realised there was one final watch in the collection that I’d somehow missed shooting on its own, so here it is. From 1972, and with the cover of a Seiko in-house sales brochure also from 1972 as the backdrop, here is the Grand Seiko 5646-5010. One of only two vintage Grand Seikos with Roman numerals (the other being its brother, the 5645-5010, that I posted last week).

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