Grand Seiko 5656-7040

Grand Seiko 5656-7040.
One of the very last of the vintage Grand Seikos, this watch is from June 1973. It is unique in being the only vintage Grand Seiko with Arabic numerals on the dial. Also with a fabulous “starlight” textured dial, and a hammered case, these come up for sale rarely.
Haven’t shot this for a long while – partly because the crystal was all scratched up. But some Polywatch arrived today, and with the addition of a bit of elbow grease, it’s as good as new!


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Grand Seiko 5646-7020

Grand Seiko 5646-7020 from August 1972.
Spotted three of these for sale on Yahoo Japan in the last couple of weeks which made me realise it has been a while since I photographed my example.

Love everything about this watch, from the gorgeous graduated green dial, to the amazing case, and the totally wacky 9-faceted crystal with the deepest cuts to be found on any vintage Grand Seiko.
Sadly the recently available pieces were not even close to being in this condition, but despite that the most recent one – that closed just two days ago – sold for ¥120,000.

Glad I picked this one up when I did – I’ve yet to see a better one.

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On the block – 16

A weekly series of posts highlighting interesting Grand Seiko watches on the market

“On the block” is the section of the website where I share some examples of vintage Grand Seikos currently available on the Japanese market.

I aim to publish a new post in this category each Friday, highlighting a vintage Grand Seiko of interest from each of the three main channels for acquiring these pieces from Japan – Yahoo auctions, Rakuten, and individual dealers’ websites. However, sometimes there just isn’t much new worth highlighting, so that may have an impact on what gets written up.

Generally, it is becoming clear that demand for vintage Grand Seikos is outstripping supply. The Grand Seiko “First” is a good indicator of this. Whereas just a few months ago, you would typically expect to find more than half a dozen examples available on Rakuten at any one time, as of today, there is just a single (terrible) example.

As to how to go about actually purchasing from overseas, check out my article on ZenMarket.

This week, I will be highlighting just two watches. One from a dealer’s website, and one from Yahoo – there is nothing new and noteworthy on Rakuten (although a few watches that I have featured in previous posts are still available).

I will also be making an exception this week and highlighting a watch that isn’t actually a Grand Seiko (although many people do list it as such!).

Seiko Astronomical Observatory Chronometer
Seiko Astronomical Observatory Chronometer

Japanese dealer

Just gone live this morning on Watch CTI’s website is a listing for a Seiko Astronomical Observatory Chronometer.

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Grand Seiko 5646-7030 macro

Ok, time for that close-up of the dial of the Grand Seiko 5646-7030 that I promised you.
Just a wonderful texture that, as @etio_nono suggested in a comment on my previous post, may well be a source of inspiration for some of the modern Grand Seiko dials.
This particular watch dates back to July 1974, and is actually the latest manufactured vintage Grand Seiko currently residing in my collection.

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Grand Seiko 5646-7030

For this week’s #GSWednesday, another photo of a recent addition to the collection – the 5646-7030.

I managed to acquire this one with its original bracelet, but sadly with a missing link or two, so it can’t fit on my wrist. No worries, I thought, I’ll just remove the bracelet and I can wear it on one of my quick-release spring bar straps. Went to put on a strap, and was very surprised to find that it wouldn’t fit.
Nearly all vintage Grand Seikos have 18mm lugs. But this one is just 17mm, so at the moment, I can’t wear it! Back into the box it goes then.

I’ll post a close up of the textured dial later in the day. This is a fabulous watch that is seriously undervalued in my opinion. Picked this one up for a song, and they are not too hard to find.

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State of the collection – the 56GS movements

A write up of the vintage Grand Seiko watches in my collection that utilise the 56GS movements.

Since there are over 40 pieces in the collection, it makes sense to break this “state of the collection” write-up over several articles. Each post will cover a specific movement – or set of movements – from the vintage Grand Seiko releases, and include photos of the watches I have that utilise that movement.

Whilst I don’t intend these articles to provide a comprehensive and thoroughly researched scholarly history of vintage Grand Seikos, I will share some knowledge on the pieces that I have picked up over the course of the last year. If I get anything wrong, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Grand Seiko 5645-7005
Grand Seiko 5645-7005

The 56 series of vintage Grand Seiko is second only to the 61GS with regards to the diversity of the watches produced. Whilst utilising only three different movements (there are no “special” or “VFA” examples in this series), there are over 40 variations with differing cases or dials.

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On the block – 7

A weekly series of posts highlighting interesting Grand Seiko watches on the market

The vintage Grand Seiko market

Each week, I am highlighting one Yahoo auction; one Rakuten listing; and one watch at a Japanese dealer, that I would be happy to add to my own collection, were it not for the fact that it would be a duplication, or a near duplication of a piece I already have.

The Yahoo and Rakuten pieces will be linked through Zenmarket – see my post on them here for details as to why I use this service. Watches available with dealers will be linked to directly, and again – refer to my ZenMarket post linked above to see how to purchase those. Images used will be from my own collection to give an indication as to the watches being highlighted, but of course click through the links to see images of the actual watch being offered.

Each week I try to mix things up a little with regards to the watches that I highlight to ensure there is not too much repetition compared to the previous week. Since there are only seven series of vintage Grand Seikos (3180, 57GS, 62GS, 44GS, 61GS, 45GS and 56GS), this does limit somewhat the pieces that I can select from for the post.

Additionally, you will have noticed – or will start to notice – that the same sellers (be it on Yahoo, Rakuten, or their own websites) crop up with some regularity. This is simply down to two reasons – firstly, because I am limiting myself to recommending “decent” pieces, and these dealers specialise in the mid-upper end of the market; and secondly, because these dealers are the ones who turn over the most watches and hence have the most variety available.

Yahoo Japan Auctions

This week’s pick from Yahoo auctions is an absolute beauty.

Grand Seiko 5646-7010 - blue dial
Grand Seiko 5646-7010 – blue dial

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