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Some may feel it is a little early for a #GSWednesday post, but it’s gone 2am in Tokyo already, so why not get started 🙂 Featured here is almost the entirety of my vintage Grand Seiko collection. I left out the dodgy black dialed 57GS’s, and a rather scrappy 5722 cap gold, which left me with a nice round 60 to share!
After a lot of research, I believe there were 122 distinct models released in the vintage era, so I’m basically half way there now! I’ve come a long way from the original plan which was just to get a single example of each movement that was used. I doubt I’ll ever complete the full set, but as they say – “never say never” 😂
OK. So who can name every single model pictured here? 😉

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Grand Seiko 4520-8000

Grand Seiko 4520-8000


Photo taken at: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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With a little over 50 watches now in the vintage Grand Seiko collection, a handful have somehow slipped through the net and not been shot for months! In fact, I don’t think I’ve photographed this 4520-8000 in almost a year.
A fabulous model from March 1971, I’m fortunate enough to have an example in pretty much NOS condition, and as a full set with box and papers.
Have a great weekend everyone!
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Grand Seiko 4520-7000

Grand Seiko 4520-7000 in stainless steel and with white linen dial.
There are actually three – possibly four – different vintage Grand Seikos all with the reference number 4520-7000.

I have previously posted both the cap gold cased version, and also the steel cased version with the (very) dark blue dial.
Claims are made for a black dialed version, but I am not convinced yet that this truly exists. There are redialed ones out there, but the blue version is so close to black, that I think possibly people confuse them.
Picked this one up for a song. Sure, the dial has some light staining (that looks a lot worse in this very carefully lit photo compared to what you would see in normal use), but just check out that case. Wonderful.


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Grand Seiko 4520-7000 with blue dial

Grand Seiko 4520-7000 with blue dial.

It is a very subtle blue – almost imperceptible. This watch was, it is claimed, available with white, blue, and black dial variants. I have to say though that without any contemporary documentation on it, I’m not entirely convinced the black dial version is real.

The blue is sooo close to being black, one can’t help but question why Seiko would release two colour variants that were so close together, and almost indistinguishable unless photographed very carefully.

That there are black examples in existence is not in doubt. I have a black dialed 4522-7000 (same as this watch except with a date). However, I have always been suspicious that perhaps the dial on that one had been re-done at some point.
I’ll be talking more about vintage Grand Seikos with black dials in tomorrow’s “On the block” post. It is most definitely a case of “Caveat Emptor” with these things. For the 4520 and 4522, the jury is arguably still deliberating. But for some other models, judgement had been passed, and it’s gonna get ugly 😈

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State of the collection – the 45GS movements

A write up of the vintage Grand Seiko watches in my collection that utilise the 45GS movements.

Since there are over 40 pieces in the collection, it makes sense to break this “state of the collection” write-up over several articles. Each post will cover a specific movement – or set of movements – from the vintage Grand Seiko releases, and include photos of the watches I have that utilise that movement.

Whilst I don’t intend these articles to provide a comprehensive and thoroughly researched scholarly history of vintage Grand Seikos, I will share some knowledge on the pieces that I have picked up over the course of the last year. If I get anything wrong, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

Grand Seiko 4520-7000
Grand Seiko 4520-7000

The 45GS series started production in 1968, continuing through until the early 1970’s. Like the earlier and short-lived 44GS series, they were produced by the Daini factory.

Whilst utilising only three different movements – the dateless 4520A; the 4522A with a date complication; and the incredibly rare 4580 Very Fine Adjusted, there were a good variety of case and dial designs created over this period.

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