SOLD – Grand Seiko “First” / “3180” in stainless steel

Grand Seiko First Stainless Steel
Grand Seiko Chronometer “First” in Stainless Steel

Note – none of the photos in this listing have been “touched up” in Photoshop to hide blemishes or imperfections. What you see is what you get.

In all likelihood, anyone who is potentially interested in acquiring an example of this watch will be fairly knowledgeable about it, but I do want to be absolutely open regarding what is – and what is not – known about these pieces. So before going into detail about the specific example that I am selling, some background.

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Vintage Grand Seiko collection

Some may feel it is a little early for a #GSWednesday post, but it’s gone 2am in Tokyo already, so why not get started 🙂 Featured here is almost the entirety of my vintage Grand Seiko collection. I left out the dodgy black dialed 57GS’s, and a rather scrappy 5722 cap gold, which left me with a nice round 60 to share!
After a lot of research, I believe there were 122 distinct models released in the vintage era, so I’m basically half way there now! I’ve come a long way from the original plan which was just to get a single example of each movement that was used. I doubt I’ll ever complete the full set, but as they say – “never say never” 😂
OK. So who can name every single model pictured here? 😉

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Grand Seiko Chronometer “First” / 3180

It suddenly dawned on me that whilst I’ve posted quite a few shots lately of the rarer Grand Seiko Chronometer “First” / 3180 variants, it had been quite some time since I shot the more common “raised logo” dial from the collection.
There seems to be an almost insatiable demand for these watches at the moment, with good examples now selling in the upper 300 to lower 400k Japanese Yen range. That would have been unthinkable just six short months ago, so if you come across one of these at a good price, don’t hang about!
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Grand Seiko Chronometer “First” / 3180 AD dial

Close up of the logo on the Grand Seiko Chronometer “First” / 3180 AD dial. See previous post for the full dial shot and background to this rare piece!
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Grand Seiko Chronometer “First” / 3180 AD dial

Well here it is. The incredibly illusive Grand Seiko Chronometer “First” / 3180 with the AD dial.
This is a watch that I wasn’t even aware of the existence of until Yoshihiko Honda’s recent article on the 3180 that was published in issue 11 of Low Beat magazine in Japan.
Quite how rare this AD dialed variant of the first Grand Seiko is, is I think something that remains to be established. Whilst it is possible that some have changed hands without people even realising it, I have only been able to track down five examples that have been advertised on Yahoo Auctions in the last two years, and I’m pretty sure that two watches have actually each featured twice in those listings.

The most striking thing about the dial is that – like that of my stainless steel example – it has a sunburst finishing. All other 3180 variants have a matt finished dial. The other immediately obvious difference is that the colour of the hands and hour indices is consistent. On the regular SD-dialed raised logo 3180, the hands are always a much duller colour than the indices. I’ll post some comparison shots in the coming days.

Does this finally complete the full set of 3180 filled gold dial variations? Only time will tell!
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Grand Seiko Chronometer “First” / 3180 with print logo dial

So this arrived just in time for this week’s #GSWednesday.

The Grand Seiko Chronometer “First” / 3180 with printed logo dial.

These watches are incredibly difficult to track down. In fact they are so rare, I’m fairly certain that there has only been a single (legitimate) printed dial 3180 sold on Yahoo Japan auctions in the last two years, and that example was in a pretty sorry state.

This arrived today in a box from Japan that contained a couple of other watches, along with plenty of reading material that will be keeping Google Translate busy over the next few days! Check out my Instagram Stories for sneak peaks at those.

On opening the package, I left this watch until the very last. Being careful to first reveal the back side, and then finally turning it over to see the dial in all its glory for the first time. I spent maybe 30 minutes just staring at it in sheer wonder.

It is hard to express in words my sincere gratitude to both the dealer who sourced this watch for me, and the collector who so very kindly agreed to allow it to leave their collection. I am eternally grateful to them both.

The 4580-7010 VFA now has a rival for the crown jewel of the collection of 61 vintage Grand Seikos that I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to put together over the last couple of years.

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Photo taken at: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Vintage Grand Seiko dial layouts

As I write this post, there is a lot of buzz around from people anxious to see what Seiko reveal at Baselworld tomorrow (Thursday 23rd March). The top rumour this year is that there is going to be a significant change to the dial layout on Grand Seikos.

There are three dial elements that are common across the entire modern Grand Seiko range (except for certain historical re-issues, for obvious reasons) – at 12 o’clock you will find the text “SEIKO”, and at 6 o’clock there is the “GS” logo above the gothic “Grand Seiko” text.

The Grand Seiko community has been very active in discussing what might be revealed tomorrow, and some interesting Photoshop mock-ups have been shared as people try to second guess what the change (if any!) will be. Following a discussion on one of the forums, I thought it was an appropriate time to summarize how the dial layout changed during the course of vintage Grand Seiko lifespan.

I will only be focusing on the three major elements on the dial – the Seiko text, the Grand Seiko text, and the GS logo.

So without further ado, onto the history lesson…

Grand Seiko Chronometer/”First”/3180 – all models

Grand Seiko Chronometer
Grand Seiko Chronometer

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