Grand Seiko 4580-7010 VFA

Thought it was about time I shot this watch when it was showing “Grand Seiko Time”, which, for those who haven’t yet noticed, I now do my best to use when shooting any of my Grand Seiko collection.
Scroll back through my feed if you hadn’t noticed it before 🙂 These days, “Grand Seiko time” is religiously set as 10:08:42 – every single official photo of a Grand Seiko will have the hands set to this time, even when the running seconds hand is on a sub-dial on the chronographs – but back in the 1960’s and 1970’s it was actually often 10:08:43.

I take a bit of artistic license with the exact minute hand position depending on the angle I’m shooting at and the height of the hand above the dial. At this kind of angle I have it between the 9 and 10 minute markers, otherwise I think it looks a little too offset.
Wishing you all a happy #GSWednesday, with a photo featuring what I consider to be the greatest three hand watch ever made – the Grand Seiko 4580-7010 VFA.


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