Grand Seiko 6245-9000

Grand Seiko 6245-9000 with cap gold case


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A little over a week ago I posted the 6245-9000 in stainless steel, and here today is its Cap Gold variant, which somewhat confusingly has the same model number.
As with the steel version, this is also manufactured in 1966 (December), and so has the lion emblem case back medallion. For the watches produced in 1967, this was changed to the GS medallion.
Just a quick follow-up to the two auction pieces that I linked to for “On the block”. Congratulations to @vintagewatchvibes for securing the 6246-9001. And as for the 4420-9990? That went for a whopping 426,000 Yen.

If you were the under-bidder on that auction, you might be interested to know that there is another one available for buyout at 390,000 Yen plus 8% sales tax (so 421,200 Yen in total). It has the original buckle too, but I think you will need to budget to replace the crown as I’m not convinced it’s the right one.
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