Grand Seiko 6146-8000

Grand Seiko 6146-8000 in cap gold with early Grand Seiko dial.
The earliest 61GS series watches – this one is from December 1967 – had dials that were laid out in the same way as the late 57GS’s, 44GS’s and 62GS’s. That is, with Seiko up top, and the GS logo and Grand Seiko text down bottom.
Then, just a few months later, the dial layout was changed – the Grand Seiko text was removed, and replaced with the movement description (“Hi Beat 36000”), and “Automatic” added under “SEIKO”. Apart from the VFA’s, these early 61GS models were the last vintage Grand Seikos to actually include the full branding anywhere on the dial or case.
For more background to the dial layout changes that happened during the lifespan of the vintage models, check out my website (link in bio) and click on the “General articles” menu option.
It is extremely rare to come across a cap gold 61GS with the Grand Seiko dial. As such, I snapped this one up despite the fact it wasn’t in top condition – although to be fair, it was an absolute bargain because most people were put off by the apparent state of it.
Ideally needs a new crystal, and a bit of TLC to remove the remainder of the tarnishing on the case (I’ve got rid of the worst of the tarnishing – you should have seen the state of it when it first arrived!). Very happy to have been able to secure one of these for the collection.


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