Grand Seiko 6146-8010

Grand Seiko 6146-8010.
The 6146-8010 doesn’t turn up very often. It can be easily distinguished by the graphic on the dial around and under the GS logo, often referred to as ‘Arabesque’. Though thought to be a precursor to the 615x “Special” watches, whose movements were regulated to +/-3 seconds per day, this particular example is from February 1971 – fully six months after my earliest Special.
Any contemporary documentation on this watch would be most appreciated!

This one is unique amongst all that I have seen in that it has an factory original custom engraved caseback. As per the engraved dedication, the watch was produced for the 60th anniversary of the Idemitsu company. No other engraving appears on the outside caseback around the gold GS medallion. The model number and serial number both appear on the inside of the caseback.

A most intriguing watch!

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3 thoughts on “Grand Seiko 6146-8010”

  1. Looking through your posts and quality of your collection, it occured to me to ask where do you have you GS/KS serviced? I presume that you are resident in Dubai.
    Thank you for all of you work on the site and sharing of your personal deep knowlege on these superb watches.

    1. Apologies Kevin – I didn’t read your comment properly (can I blame the beer?!).

      Yes, I am based in Dubai. To date, I have not had any of the collection serviced, so can’t provide any guidance on that.

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