Grand Seiko 4580-7010 VFA movement

Another angle on the movement of the vintage Grand Seiko 4580-7010 “Very fine adjusted”. The objective that Seiko set themselves when starting Grand Seiko was a simple one – to create the ideal watch. To my mind, no other watch in the vintage Grand Seiko range can compete with this one. It truly is the greatest time only wristwatch of its generation.
Hailing from June 1970, with a movement certified by the Neuchatel Astronomical Observatory, this watch would have come to the market just as the quartz revolution was starting to change the watch industry forever.
With the modern resurgence and appreciation for both mechanical watches in general, and Grand Seiko in particular, wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Seiko introduce a VFA selection into the modern Grand Seiko range? Let’s see that +/-2 seconds per day rating and one minute per month accuracy guarantee for two years once again @seikowatchjapan!

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