Grand Seiko 5722-9000

After the first #GrandSeiko, with movement 3180, came the 57GS, and a change in the design of the medallion. The lion stayed, indicating a movement that was to chronometer standards, but unlike on the 3180, which had the text “Grand Seiko” above the lion, on these models was just the word “Seiko”. This medallion was used on models using the first two movements in the 57GS series – the 43999 (with the 430 movement), and the 5722-9000 (with the 5722A movement). The same design of medallion was also used later on for the -9000 variants of the 6245 and 6246 models from the 62GS series. Yes. It is a little confusing! #GSWednesday #Seiko


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